Verbal Hemophilia of the Insignificant Details

My life is one big joke; I'm just waiting for the punchline.

I save all the notes that have ever been left on my windshield. These go back to senior year of high school.

“Fortified freedom isn’t freedom at all.
Space to stretch legs confined by walls
Within your own box that liberty rings
Cross-faded dreams, confinement stings.
Criss-cross legs, no Indian style;
Politically correct to avoid offending the child?
Right, give ‘em more to worry about,
Tell ‘em stereotypes, anything to pull ‘em down.
Force values, views, violence, and blues.
Turn coarse vision, viewpoints all thanks to you.”

—   Palisade



120 pounds of fat or sin?


120 days of peace or deceit?

It comes down to who you are,

Not what you are.

You are not what they define you.

You are not what your hesitance states.

You are not their property.

You are you.

Your definition.

Your dream.

Your ambition.

You is what counts.

You is what matters.


This is where I was;

Skin itching, veins pulsing,

Screaming for action.

The rush of existence,

The pain of fading;

The mirror lies,

But the truth deceives.

What was one

Has now grown,

For doubt and fear

Suffocate the warrior inside.

I am but a shell,

A shell of potential

Shattered against the waves.


I am on of many,

Lost in a sea of struggle

For individuality against

The identical uniqueness

Of fellow explorers.

My heart is true, 

But my mind wanders.

What is here,

What is yonder?

A prison unknown,

A freedom untouched.

Lemon Hope

Lemon Hope, my dear;

Sour to the tongue,

Sweet to the heart.

The mother’s blessing,

Father’s curse.

Tears of happiness,

Laughter from fear.

The pain of recollection, 

Relief for unconscious partings.

The mistake unforgiven, 

The theory unanswered.

Lemon Hope, my dear,

Is trading all hope

For comforting deception.

Mr. Sandman

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream;

Cloak it in chocolate and sell it for free.

A nickel waiting for steam,

My soul breaks like the prisoner at sea.

Please, take me away,

But take me farther.

The vessel tightens at any sway

Of the pain, seeping thicker and thicker;

For poison leaks off the track

And into my veins, 

Coursing through my blood,

Penetrating my brain.

Beams crumble, walls tumble;

Hearts shattered and memories tattered.

No mourning for the expired soul,

No emphasizing with the decayed mind.

We are Hope’s fool;

the knots in our own bind.

how we celebrated the premiere of the new season :)
Bring yo ass, nigga! check out the “trapped in the closet” episodes by R. Kelly.

Bring yo ass, nigga! check out the “trapped in the closet” episodes by R. Kelly.